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Oyster Card

London is a beautiful city and you must see it. If you go in the winter you may have the privilege of watching a mother carry her plastic encased stroller down a steep cement stair case into the depths of the subway system on a rainy day. Yes there is a baby in there and they can breathe because the plastic just covers the top.

 When you go remember the first rule of any good traveler is take advantage of the public transportation. Travel like the locals and get a true feel for the city you’ve chosen to explore. Plus you’ll save big bucks; especially when the dollar is down about thirty percent on the pound these days.

When you travel in London’s tube do “Mind the gap.” And buy the Oyster Card. This little card will let you travel on the subways of London with no hassles. You will decide the zones you want to have access to (the more the pricier) and the length of time you expect to use it (same rule applies). For around 30 pounds you can get around London for a week.

The deposit may not seem worth it when you don’t have time to read the fine print, when you’re first in line with a busy gaggle of Londoners breathing down your neck. You will opt to avoid the deposit and get a daily pass. But the Oyster Card quickly pays for itself because (1) the extra pounds are just a deposit and (2) all the rides after you buy the Oyster Card are considerably cheaper than with the regular pass and (3) you get a great souvenir.  So grab a map and take the travel advice. I’m the expert and I learn the hard way so you don’t.

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