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Is Retail the Atmosphere?

You are going to travel. You must. Someone will tell you to wait until you’ve saved and saved and earned the right to travel. That person is horribly wrong. Work in a hospital for one day and you’ll learn how wrong they are. Life is fleeting says the teenager in the ICU who tried to grab a book from their car and was hit by a drunk driver. Life must be seized one day at a time. So you are going to travel. And you’re going to travel as soon as you can wrangle up some cash or extend those credit lines.

But why travel? Is your dream to visit Harrods of London and spend your dollars with the elite on anything from lingerie to chocolate? Do not forget to do that. And do not forget this. When you board your plane or ship and set off for adventure forget that you are categorized as a consumer in your homeland. Think to yourself: ‘I am a citizen not a consumer’. You are not going for retail therapy in a foreign land. You are going to discover something wonderful that had you stayed home you never would have imagined.

 When you land at seaport or airport think about the people you will meet, the culture you will come to love and not the department stores. Your trip is about great memories you can take with you throughout your life and feed on whenever you need. This means grabbing a cheap Americano in a cafe and engaging the servers and soaking up the atmosphere will be just as valuable to you mentally as that shopping spree you have planned. Our global society will offer you the same designers in Dubai, London, Paris, New York, and every other major city. Consume at home and live abroad. When you do shop remember to find the things you could not buy in your own land. The little shops with designers that have not been exported over seas. These are the things worth taking home if it doesn’t cost you a plane ticket. Spend less and travel more.

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