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Skipping out on the Claus

Weather! We have to deal with it every day. Maybe you snuggle in on cold days and maybe you trudge along undaunted through the daily grind. If you have the cojones for it why not trudge through Europe.

That’s right: Europe in the snow and rain. Christmas is a very long way away but in this economy you need to start saving now for any big expenses you have planned. You can spend this Christmas passing the mashed potatoes to Aunt Doreen or exploring the Louvre. You decide.

An enormous advantage to traveling abroad in the winter is that the airfare is cheap because most people want domestic flights. A second advantage is that international flights are often not crowded or delayed. There is a science to traveling abroad during the holiday season and we will discuss it in detail as the time approaches. So open that savings account today and get your head in the game. This year you are spending Christmas in Paris.

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  1. February 27, 2011 at 4:34 AM

    nice travel blog you got man, i like your tips…so not waht people do and totally what people do. a very excellent point of view

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